Social Networking has already been an in-demand means of communication for more than a decade now. It is something that never goes out of style among netizens especially among teen-agers. In fact, according to, Facebook (a social networking platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg) has already gained 1.71 billion monthly active users as of 2016 thus gaining its title as the most popular social network worldwide.

Over the past years and up until now, Social Media has continuously provided satisfaction for an individual’s need to socialize and express himself. Still, we can’t deny the fact that while social media has been an effective tool to connect people from different time zones, it has also been used as a tool to hurt and humiliate others. Many cyber crimes such as identity theft, cyber-bullying and even piracy are often rooted from social media. And this is something we should not overlook as digital citizens. With the ever-growing population of social media, we must all strive hard to maintain a safe environment for its users.



The very first thing one should know as he enters the world of social media is that while there are certain things that can be shared publicly, there are stuff needed to be kept in private. Sharing personal information such us your full name, address, and credit card number is a big NO. Information like these are too confidential and it may be very risky to be shared publicly as other people may use it to deceive and even harm you.

hooded-clothed-faceless-manDON’T TALK TO STRANGERS. It has always been a warning given to us by our parents ever since childhood. And this is something we should not be taking for granted. Social Media is a home for different users worldwide and that means you are connected to anyone regardless of his/her nationality, language, and location. And by saying you are connected to everyone, you won’t really know what type of person you are dealing with in social media. It’s just right for us to be very careful and meticulous in choosing people who we’ll interact with. Never entertain unknown or suspicious people. Who knows what they can do. Do not completely trust someone you just know online because as much as looks can be deceiving, words are even more beguiling. You may not notice it, but you’re already getting yourself into trouble.


THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. Be mindful of what you are posting in social networking It’s never wrong to share your thoughts for everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Nonetheless, netizens, especially the teens, should be aware of the things needed and not needed to be posted. Rants and bashes are commonly seen published by different social media users nowadays and it’s quite alarming that while they are just excising their rights for freedom of speech, they are still violating the dignity of a person. A good netizen must learn how to respect others as much as he should respect himself. Be careful of the photos or videos you are posting online as unpleasant ones can backfire you. Be mindful of your own choice of words as they can reflect your personality. Don’t be too reckless, always think twice.

As much as social networking is a fun experience, one must be aware and be reminded of its harmful impact to its user. So, the next time you log in to your account or click that “post” button, always keep in mind that safety first!



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